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We help you to define and execute your strategy for the UK market at every step of the way.

Whether you are looking at the UK market for the first time and are not sure of your potential opportunities or are seeking to expand your existing operations, we will provide you with pragmatic and cost-effective activities to deliver your market success.

We act as your experienced and well-connected UK business development team, backed up by specialist professional partners to provide comprehensive and success-oriented services.

These six key areas are totally focused on your business success:

Assessing the UK Market

For many companies, the first stage of looking at the UK market is to assess the true potential in for their particular products and services and the possible routes to future customers and partners.

Finding UK Partners

In many cases, the outcome of the market assessment identifies the need to work with local representatives to achieve sales and market share.

Developing UK Sales

Where it is agreed that it is the best-possible option, we will represent you in the market and manage your customer and partner relationships strategically.

setting up in UK

Setting up in the UK

In order to realise the full market potential, a local presence is often the next logical step right from the start or following a successful market entry.


Investing in the UK

Particularly for more established companies and those involved in large scale projects, a formal arrangement with a UK company will be either desirable or necessary.

Interim UK Management

For companies who are serious about the UK market but uncertain of employing staff in the early days, Konduit acts as the local management team with short-term contracts.

Contact us today to explore how we can develop business in the UK for you.

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